Sports physiotherapy south brisbane

Sports Physiotherapy in South Brisbane

At South City Physiotherapy we treat a wide range of recreational sporting injury, whether you have had an acute ankle sprain or a niggling back injury that is preventing you from performing at your best. Your physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history and complete a thorough assessment to form a clear understanding of your issue. As well as any necessary hands on treatment or exercise management we will also give you a clear plan to assist your recovery with guidelines, advice and timelines. We understand your athletic goals are important to you. Our team has helped hundreds of sports men and women achieve their goals whether that is competing internationally or for your local park run. We are also able to recommend and liaise with medical specialists when necessary or refer on for appropriate imagining.

We don’t just treat sport, we live it!

When she is not helping athletes of all levels here at South City Physiotherapy, Cathy is involved in her own sport of choice, AFL, at the highest level…..GO THE LIONS!

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