Welcome to South City Physiotherapy Centre

We are a group of physiotherapists who are Australian registered health care professionals with University qualifications. As such we are qualified to provide safe, effective health care. Our clinic has been offering excellence in physiotherapy through evidence based treatment since 1995.

As physiotherapists, we assess, diagnose and treat people with movement and pain problems. We will also help you avoid injuries and maintain a fit, healthy body. We offer a wide range of treatment strategies that meet the health needs of different people such as injured workers, senior citizens, sports people, children, pregnant women and anybody with a movement related problem.

Our programmes are based on practical goals agreed between the physiotherapist and you. We favour a ‘hands on’ approach with exercise and patient education a priority. When necessary, we will consult with other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

We are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and therefore make an extra commitment to quality health care. Amongst the team some of us have further qualifications and expertise in special areas of physiotherapy practice such as: musculoskeletal therapy, exercise therapy, sports medicine, orthopaedics and ergonomics and occupational health.