Terms and Conditions

Informed Consent

Physiotherapy treatment is generally an effective and safe form of treatment however like any treatment there are benefits and risks. The purpose of this form is to let you know what your rights are and how we address the issue of collaborative decision making and informed consent between physiotherapist and patient.

Physiotherapists in this practice will discuss your condition and options for treatment with you so that you are appropriately informed and can make decisions relating to treatment. You may choose to consent or refuse any form of treatment for any reason including religious or personal grounds. Once you have given consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time.

You will be asked to read and sign the following on your Initial visit.

Questions of a personal nature
Your physiotherapist may ask personal questions relating to your injury and how your injury impacts on your ‘activities of daily living’. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that the physiotherapist can provide an effective treatment. It is your choice as to what information you choose to provide. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular question or group of questions, please let the physiotherapist know and they will cease.

Physical contact
During the examination, assessment and treatment it may be necessary for your physiotherapist to make physical contact. Your physiotherapist will ask your permission before making physical contact with you in any way. Wherever possible, contact will be made using a towel or other forms of screening. Physical contact requires your express consent. You may withdraw consent at any time at which point, all physical contact will cease immediately. Please inform your physiotherapist if you feel uncomfortable at any time.

Risk related to treatment
As with all forms of treatment, there are risks and benefits. The physiotherapist will discuss any foreseeable risks with you prior to administering treatment. You may withdraw consent at any time even if you have previously signed a consent form.

e Newsletter
You may receive an eNewsletter from time to time. You can opt out at any time.

Children and minors
Consent from a custodial parent is required to treat a minor.


Consent to obtain and Release Information

To come

Privacy Information for Patients

In the course of providing treatment, this practice collects a range of health and related information about you that we consider sensitive. The practice has a policy that covers how your health information is collected, used, stored disclosed and accessed.

The practice only collects information that is necessary to provide a quality health service. In the course of providing this service, we may disclose information to your treating doctor and other health service providers from whom you are currently receiving treatment. You need to let us know if you do not want your health information provided to these health providers.

In accordance with privacy legislation, you are entitled to access any information that we hold about you. The practice may charge reasonable costs for the provision of this information and it may take time to prepare files for release.

We release some health and billing information to health insurers, third party insurers and workers compensation authorities in order to meet their requirements for claim assessment and payment. The physiotherapist will discuss the information with you and will limit this release if you require. If you ask us to withhold certain information, this may have an impact on your insurance claim.

The practice will only release additional information to other parties, including insurance companies, if you provide permission for the information to be released. For this practice to release information to a third party, we need to know which records you would like us to release so requests should specify dates where possible.

Our privacy policy applies to all employees. Additionally, from time to time, your information may be accessed by contractors (e.g. if our computer billing system gets upgraded). Whilst access is limited as much as possible, contractors are also bound by the practice privacy policy.

We may contact you from time to time regarding current or new services we offer or with information related to physiotherapy that we feel may interest you. If you do not want to receive particular types of information, please let reception know so we can remove you when we contact our clients from that contact list.

If you have concerns about the way we’ve handled your privacy, let us know. You should do that in writing. We will then try to respond to you within 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commission, whose contact details are:

Telephone: 1300363992

Email:  enquiries@oaic.gov.au

Website: www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints

This practice complies with both state and federal privacy legislation.

How to Contact us:

Email: scp@southcityphysio.com.au

Ph: 07  30107400

South City Physiotherapy Centre

12 Cordelia St

South Brisbane 4101

New Patient Referral Offer

We are excited to make this offer to you. As with any promotion we do need to share the terms:

  1. Offer not valid with any other offer.
  2. Offer is limited to one offer per person on their first visit as a new Client.
  3. Any discounts are off the standard pricing for the service.
  4. Not redeemable for cash or products.
  5. “New” Client – means anyone that has never received services at the practice before.
  6. The offer applies to Initial Physio appointments which are 30 minutes. If interested in longer treatment or group appointments, please contact us for details before booking.
  7. To ensure the benefit of the offer is passed on to you, please confirm that you are claiming the offer when booking or with the practice reception at time of arrival.
  8. Referring Clients will be contacted by us via SMS once their friend/colleague/family member has attended treatment and presented their card, letting you know of your available $30 discount.
  9. Referring clients can claim their offer on full fee physiotherapy services (Initial, standard, extended, Breathing or classes).
  10. Referring clients can claim the offer on multiple occasions.