Physiotherapy Exercise Programme

Physioform Sessions

Your sessions are designed to bring the benefits of evidence based physiotherapy and clinical Pilates to a small group (max 7) setting. The class runs for 1 hour

The sessions are run by a physiotherapist and designed to improve your muscle control, strength, flexibility and balance.  We keep the numbers small so your physiotherapist can monitor your technique and progress.  They understand the pathology behind your condition and can ensure you are using the right techniques when training. This means you will reduce the risk of injury and maximise the results

Getting Started

If you are recovering from an injury your physio may suggest you join a group to supervise and progress your current exercise programme.

If you are not having treatment currently we will book you in for an individual session with a physio to establish a programme to ensure we target your individual needs whilst working in the group.

Attendance/Fee structure

Participation in the group can be on a permanent (you attend at your time each week) or on a casual (subject to availability) basis.

See our info sheet for all the details.