Your Fabulous Feet

Your feet have four layers of soft tissue and muscles. The central core of your foot comprises of this range of muscles intertwining to maintain your arch. This provides you with the stability you need to hold you in a healthy posture and to support even the most basic patterns such as walking. Its muscles connect intricately to the muscles in your ankle, lower leg and back and when it is underused it becomes weak and unable to function as it should. This can lead to many types of foot related conditions e.g. plantar fasciitis

Happy feet

DON’T forget to give your feet their exercise workout!

We have some great exercises to share for your amazing feet. Check out some in the VIP closed Facebook Group or come in and see us.


Any shoe that constricts the natural motion of your toes, arch or ankle could be limiting the amount of work your muscles are able to perform to control the stability of your foot and ankle. Examples are high heels and overconstructed sports shoes that give so much support your muscles end up doing very little.

If you have diagnosed problems that require more support stick to your prescribed footwear. But if you don’t have any problems try easing your way into less structured shoes and sandals to maintain strong, healthy feet.

Some barefoot walking around the house can help work your foot’s core. Kick your shoes off whenever you can and let those feet work as they are made to. Start with as little as 5 minutes and build up from there.