LOW BACK PAIN - Acute and non-specific

Low back pain is a condition that has a lot of stigma and anxiety around it. Whether it be pictures of red raw tissues on a spinal model or the old man on the TV struggling to walk, low back pain always has negative connotations. However recent developments in treatment techniques mean that we as physiotherapist know how to effectively change people’s back pain for the better!

Acute non-specific low back pain refers to pain felt between the bottom of your ribs and above your bottom. With a sudden/acute onset, often the specific cause of pain is not known. Even with the most specific scanning machines, we cannot identify with certainty what is causing pain in your low back.

The good news is, that unless the pain has been caused by a serious condition (i.e. fracture or infection), having a super accurate scan of your low back won’t change your management. In your physiotherapist assessment, we will look to assess your function as this will give us a better clinical picture of your injury. Treatment for this type of low back pain will include:

  • Advising and educating you on your pain, the time it may take to recover and what you can do to assist in your rehab and resolution of your pain
  • Exercises to help restore functional movement to your spine. Exercises will also help to strength you to help return you to your goals and prevent injury into the future.
  • Manual therapy to help relax some of the tissues in your low spine

If you’re worried that your pain is caused by a more serious pathology, your physiotherapist is well equipped in distinguishing between regular and irregular symptoms and referring on when it is necessary.

Acute non-specific low back pain, when treated early enough, can usually be treated effectively and significant improvements in your pain seen in the first two weeks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our physiotherapist, or book in for an assessment and treatment!

Written by Ben Cunningham, Physiotherapist